The sale of 1 Nathan Perlman Place and 10 Nathan Perlman Place by Mount Sinai Beth Israel (MSBI) by 2023 will be one of the largest sales of real estate in Manhattan.

Perlman Place Community Planning is a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop a community-driven plan for the “super block” of 2 properties taking into consideration long standing needs including: affordable, supportive, and senior housing that is also environmentally sustainable, universal pre-kindergarten seats for children in growing population, and community facilities such as recreation and publicly accessible open spaces, and multi purpose and multi-generational facilities that are envisioned as precedent setting, pioneering in concept, and cutting edge in usage and design.

Perlman Place Community Planning is a project of Manhattan Community Board 6 (CB6). It is a dedicated outreach effort to learn the concerns, aspirations, and needs of interested citizens, nonprofits and faith based organizations, block and tenant associations, coop and condo corporations, and businesses. Taking into account what we learn through the participation of our stakeholders and working in harmony with MSBI and the sites’ developers/sponsors we are confident of producing a realistic plan that unites their economic goals with our community’s needs and aspirations.

Both the time and opportunity to act are now! Participate in community planning for Perlman Place. Join us.